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Mount Stuart Residents Inc

PO Box 116 North Hobart Tasmania 7002


President: Jennifer Dunbabin Ph (03) 6231 6626

Secretary: Stewart Gardner Ph (03) 6278 3559

Treasurer & Public Officer: Eric Pinkard Ph (03) 6228 5743 or 0409 285 743 Email:

Mount Stuart Hall Inc

PO Box 116 North Hobart, Tasmania 7002

Email :

President: Lynden Howells Ph (03) 6234 1024

Secretary: Stewart Gardiner Ph: (03) 6278 3559

Treasurer & Public Officer: Eric Pinkard Ph: (03) 6228 5743 or 0409 285 743 Email:

Hall Matters:

Gwen Vonk (Booking Officer)

Ph : 0478 983 624

Email :

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